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Omicron facilitate designing, deploying and operating high-availability application and infrastructure solutions to streamline access to critical business information. You benefit from a proven approach and practical advice on application solutions that connect information, systems, people and processes, allow them to communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere, and put your customers at the centre of your business. You may already have many of the Microsoft applications you need to create these solutions; Omicron can help you make them a reality.

Imagine your people working efficiently together, whatever their location. Imagine all the information across your organisation, managed and accessible on a single, easy-to-use system. Imagine powerful, flexible technologies that work together seamlessly.

Collaboration is essential within all organizations, making it easier to share knowledge and experience to achieve common business goals. By investing in deeper, richer collaboration tools, you can achieve increased effectiveness, improved productivity and greater quality and speed of decision-making.

In today's increasingly mobile environment, employees are more dispersed. They carry out their work from wherever they may be, creating virtual teams who may find it difficult to be at the same place at the same time. Collaboration technologies create more effective employees, decreasing delays as teams work from anywhere, over fixed or mobile networks, thus increasing work flow and accelerating decision-making.

The Office System allows you to build business processes, improve teaming through SharePoint Portal Server capabilities and access information real-time. Combine these capabilities with InfoPath, Microsoft’s forms solution, and you have a very powerful solution that is familiar and comfortable for your users.

Microsoft office & LOB integration
Omicron provides the following services within this area:

  • Office Integration with LOB
  • Office customization
  • SharePoint customization

Business Process Automation
Omicron provides the following services within this area:

  • Automate Business Processes with K2.Net
  • Automate Business Processes with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Creating custom applications for managing business processes
  • Integrating business processes with back-end systems

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